Gone But NOT Forgotten

JoAnn Bays
David Broecker
Bob Brummett
George Bunch
Michael Burkett
Alexis Chickuk Storm
Alberta Colvin Conover
Kent Davis
William Dishman
Andrea Dolan Argus
Janis Dunkin Nusser
Terri Endicott Duncan
Alan Evans
Stephen Ford
Dr Tracy French
Greg Golden
Mike Grubb
Jerry Hogan
Deborah Hunter Bowling
Patty Hyatt
Rev Fred Kelley
Karen Kirkham
Bobbly Likens
Dave Lingo
Robert Little
Kenny Loomis
Julie Lusby Murphy
Ron McQuilling
Steve Mills
Jim Patton
Linda Platt
Nancy Reed
Paula Reed Hale
Linda Reynolds
Michael Schill
Donna Spivey
Donna Stegemiller
Linda Waterman
Scott Watt
Cliff Wicks
Connie Williams
Linda Sue Wilson

This page is dedicated to our classmates whose lives have been cut short and who are now forever missing from our class, but not from our memories.


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