Sometime around the summer or fall of 2006, Garry Smith, Ken Reinhardt and I were having a glass of water (or something) together and the subject of the 2009 class reunion came up.

In the course of conversation, we were wondering about how many of our former fellow students might attend, how many might now be deceased and how anyone might be able to locate the many who by now are living all over the US, if not across the globe.

The well-known Classmates.com web site came up and we started talking about its benefits versus its limitations, the most obvious one being that it is a commercial site (our class members would have to pay to have access to all of the features). As we started talking about the features of Classmates, we quickly came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t have much to offer, relating directly to our specific class.

Garry, who is a professional software designer, suggested that it might be fun to put together a web site, specifically dedicated to the Class of ’69. In doing so, we could add as many features as we wanted and most of all make it free for anyone (in our class) who wanted to use it.

Once we decided to “go for it” I registered the wchs1969.com domain name and set up a dedicated account where we could begin to “flesh out” the site. Over the next several months, it became apparent that Garry was simply not going to have the time to devote to the project, due to the demands of his new job. Now while Garry is truly a professional in commercial software design for high-end business projects,

I on the other hand, am much more of a “jack-of-all-trades… master-of-none”, in terms of web site design. In any case, I have decided to continue with the project to the best of my abilities, and hope that any of our class who happen upon the web site will find it useful and a bit of fun as we reminisce together of days gone by.

This work in progress is your web site, so please contribute to it by sending any relevant photos, memories, etc. to me and I will add them as I have time to do so. Enjoy the web site.

Ralph Moore